US Navy

Lynn Arnett graduated from Wilson in 1962.  He served in the US Navy from 1963 to 1967 in the Navy Intelligence Division, Top Security Clearance.  He retired in 2007.

In the middle of his college pursuits, Lynn enlisted in the U.S. Navy at Swan Island in 1963. He says that, "during the mid 60s the war in Vietnam was heating up and since our family had three generations of Naval service, I felt compelled to carry on the tradition."  He completed his basic training in San Diego and was assigned to the military portion of the Security division. He obtained Top Security clearance and spent his Navy career in airplanes rather than aboard a ship. "I was fortunate to work with top command in several security centers in several different states."

During the next four years, Lynn traveled to, was assigned to and visited 39 states and two countries. His primary base was Skags Island in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He served during the Vietnam era, but not in Vietnam. "I have two fellow Navy friends/Brothers on the Vietnam wall," adds Lynn.  "I have visited the wall in Washington, D.C. on several occasions and the wall still pulls me in emotionally. My respect to all who served in Vietnam is enormous. To this day I feel that my limited service is dwarfed by those who made a major sacrifice."

Lynn received an Honorable Discharge in 1967.

In 2011, Lynn joined the local Crook county, Prineville, Oregon BAND OF BROTHERS, a 501(c)3 organization. The Band of Brothers is open to all men and women who served in any branch of the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines and who received an Honorable Discharge. The mission of the Brothers is to serve the needs of other VETS, by either purchasing wheel chairs for them or building ramps to accommodate easy access to their home, or picking up and delivering medical prescriptions for those vets who can no longer drive.  Members of the Band of Brothers also greet returning vets at the airport and welcome them home honorably.

Lynn encourages all veterans to check into their local chapter of the Band of Brothers. He says that when he came home to Portland after his service was complete, he did not feel welcomed as a returning vet. The Vietnam war divided our nation, but today we give honor to those who serve. 

"it was not until recent years that I stood tall as a Navy veteran and was proud of my service to our country. WE HAVE GROWN UP AS A NATION."