Jon Beima began his teaching career in 1984, as a student teacher at Wilson under the tutelage of Al Gray. It was because of a telephone call from Mr. Gray to the district office that Jon get an interview and he has been teaching at Wilson every since.

Mr. Beima has enjoyed working with all of the quality faculty at Wilson over the years. He says that through all of the challenges, with Measure 5 redistributing Portland education dollars to the rest of the state, superintendent changes, and what seems like constant reorganization of the district administrators, the constant has been the dedication of his fellow teachers.

Jon is known around school for his songs. He adds, "I began writing math songs a year or two into my teaching career, (Gotta Do My Algebra, Algebra Get Outa My Life, Old Time Geometry, Catching the Sine Wave, Log Rythms, My TI-84). The first time I sang in the classroom, I announced to my classes that the famous '60's math musician, Jonny Kwayjun, was coming to my classroom the next week. I mentioned that students' parents would probably know of him and maybe even have records. I was shocked that no parents knew of him." Jon also started writing songs for the faculty, to keep spirits up during the trying times. He has written between 30 to 40 songs. Here are a few of the titles: In House Bill 3565, Ben O. Canada, I Love That Dirty Water, CIM Misery, If I Were A Wizard of Wilson, Assimilate, Ten Days For Free, BHAG. Jon also began writing songs for Wilson retirees, and it has become a much enjoyed yearly expectation.

Next fall, Jon will be teaching part time at Clark College in Vancouver. To continue interactions with students, Jon also plans on volunteering in one of the high schools in Vancouver. (Now, those will be some very lucky students!)

What will Mr. Beima miss when he leaves Wilson? Jon tells us that he has had many wonderful students over the years, and "I will miss teaching at Wilson."