Pat Murphy began his teaching career in 1986 after working for ten years for the juvenile court in Clackamas County as a juvenile court counselor. His first teaching job was at Mt. Tabor Middle School. From there he moved to Franklin High School and then for the past 11 years has been teaching at Wilson.

Pat is quick to state that teaching is an amazing way to make a living. "After 10 years of working with kids who victimize others it is extremely satisfying to work with kids who are pursuing productive and positive goals," he adds. Pat is encouraged each day when he see kids showing empathy and concern for each other, adding "Little things like being friendly, saying something positive about someone, helping to assist others with a fund raiser or any number of other things. Then to see them over the years go on to other positive pursuits is equally rewarding."

Pat truly loves running in to former students who have graduated from college and are productive, contributing citizens getting married and raising families. "I have a student in one of my classes who is a child of a former student from Franklin. That makes me feel a little old. What a great kid though. Both of her parents have done well in life," states Pat.

What will he miss the most? Pat says the interactions with students. "Once I am no longer a classroom teacher I will lose the opportunity to have a relationship with many students. I enjoy hearing about their lives and thinking about what lessons they will need to understand how history can provide some sort of guide to help them in the future."

Pat Murphy has a sign in his room that says, "Wise men learn from their own mistakes. Wiser men learn from the mistakes of others."