Gabriel Leif Bellman graduated from Wilson in 1991. He was awarded a Bachelor’s degree from University of Southern California's (USC) Film School (’95), a Master’s from New York University (’99), and a law degree from U. C. Hastings ('05). Gabriel has been a high-school teacher; MTV producer; umbrella salesman; restaurant host; dishwasher; lumber feeder; assembly liner; slam poet; warehouse stacker; SOMA magazine correspondent; opera composer at Juilliard, groundskeeper; and ‘Playboy’ assistant. He has worked construction (Mexico); lived abroad (Spain, Ireland); and devoted extensive time to traveling (Europe, North Africa, the United States, Middle East, and Caribbean). He directed a film about traveling with the circus in Ireland (Duffy's Irish Circus), and has done work with female prisoners in California.

The founder of the Frozen Film Festival (and Music Festival), Mr. Bellman moved from NYC to San Francisco where he practices law, writing, and filmmaking. Read more about his firm at: www.bellmanlegal.com. One of the underrated 3 point shooters of his generation, winning the Los Angeles city hoops championship in 1995, he is now a free agent in the NBA, though he would prefer to sign with a title contender.

Gabriel did improv at Wilson and won "Best Improv" for his efforts. His prom date, Jenn Dees '91, was elected Queen of Rosaria, for which he still is awaiting some kind of jeweled crown. Preferably at least 10 pounds of solid gold, although silver would be kinda cool if it were surrounded with many, many diamonds. He especially remembers his teachers at Wilson fostering his creativity and just generally being cool.

Words of wisdom from Gabriel for current Wilson students: "You can do anything you want to do in life, if you don't mind spending time at it. On the other hand, time is limited. Don't think anything in the world is out of reach. The planet is full of people exactly like you, worrying that other people are definitely smarter, faster, more attractive, gonna get that job, school, live in Paris, etc. Flexibility is key. Go after what you want, but don't think that you need to go after it a certain way. Stay flexible and enjoy the ride. The fun part is the journey, and life will bend you in directions you don't forsee. That's a good thing. But learn how to type."