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Scott Prendergast '88

Wilson Grad '88 Releases First Feature Film

Wilson graduate Scott Prendergast '88 just completed his first feature film, Kabluey. Scott wrote the movie, directed it, and played the lead. In this comedy film, Scott's character comes to help his sister-in-law (Lisa Kudrow) while his brother is off fighting in Iraq (the brother is based on Prendergast’s real life brother, war veteran and Oregon National Guardsman Major William “BJ” Prendergast IV Class of ‘86). Ultimately, he takes a job handing out flyers as a giant blue corporate mascot. The cast also includes Teri Garr (Tootsie), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey's Anatomy), Christine Taylor (Dodgeball), Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live), and Conchata Farrell (Two and a Half Men). Kabluey premiered at the 2007 Los Angeles Film Festival, where it received great reviews! According to Sarah Kuhn of Back, "the film's poignant blend of humor and pathos make for a sweetly off-kilter crowd-pleaser, and Prendergast's performance is a true comedic marvel--particularly when he's trapped inside that massive, strangely melancholy, blue monstrosity." Stephen Farber from the Hollywood Reporter states "working in the tradition of Chaplin, Keaton, Tati or the Woody Allen of Sleeper, Prendergast makes a striking debut with Kabluey."

After graduating from Wilson, Prendergast attended Columbia University in New York City. Julie Accuardi, retired Wilson drama teacher, is quick to point out that after Columbia, Scott often came back to Wilson to teach Improv, and has always kept in touch with his high school teachers. Working in improvisational comedy for years, then television commercials, Scott's first short film appeared at the Sundance Film Festival. Julie Accuardi attended the Portland screening of Kabluey and states "at Wilson I had the good luck to direct him in several plays. The roles include Peter in Diary of Anne Frank, Sheridan Whiteside in The Man Who Came to Dinner, Charlie Wykeham in Where's Charlie, and the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz." "He was always captain of the Improv team. At that time the Improv Marathon lasted until 9:00pm. Scott would simply keep going until then, even when the audience was down to me and his mom. He made me laugh so hard for so long that I almost needed a doctor. I asked his mom what it was like at home, and she said he was always hilarious. In her words, he is simply the funniest man in the world. And she was serious. I have to agree. He is also one of the nicest. I really can't wait for this film to get into theatres. Audiences will love it the way they love Little Miss Sunshine and Napolean Dynamite. It is real, hilarious, and hopeful. This guy is a genius! And I am awfully proud to know him." When asked about high school, Scott remembers, "Mrs. Accuardi was incredibly encouraging, inspirational, and incredibly talented." "I credit a lot of my success to her. She was so supportive of me when I was in high school. In fact, she gave me my first directing job! She let me direct a play my senior year - Don't Drink the Water. I remember taking notes from her during a production of Anne Frank (coincidentally, I played Peter to Kelly Hedtke's Anne Frank, Class of '88). Mrs. Accuardi was so smart about shaping a performance, and directing a show. I think that her support back then gave me the confidence to believe that I could make a career in entertainment. Also - she WAS very supportive of my love for improvisational comedy - and she let us re-instate the "Improv Marathon" where we did improv comedy for 12 hours on a school day. That event is one of the highlights of my high school experience."

It looks like a good year for Scott Prendergast. With Kabluey and several other projects under his belt, look for his star to keep rising. Congratulations to Scott and his family - brother, William J. Prendergast IV (Class of '86) and parents, Dr. William Prendergast and Carolyn Prendergast-Mckinney!

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