Wilson High School Alumni
Portland, Oregon


Difficult as it is comprehend, 55 years have come and gone since the graduation of the first senior class of Woodrow Wilson High. Several of the survivors gathered the weekend of May 18 & 19 to celebrate the occasion. We started with a social hour on Friday evening and breakfast, with classmates only, on Saturday morning. On Saturday evening we gathered for dinner at the Red Tail Golf Course near Washington Square. We always have such a great time when we get together.

Here are two photos of classmates only and classmates with spouses or friends (it's the one with more people) at the Saturday evening affair. Those who were present will have no trouble recognizing everyone or, at least most, of the faces. For those of you who couldn't make the event, we all put on name tags just for you... oh, too small? Well, we talked about a picnic next summer at Georgia's place near Washougal, Washington. If you promise to come, I'll send you a list of the names.

In the mean time, thanks are due to to Allan Visnick for acting as official photographer for the dinner and to "the committee" (the two Jerrys, Judi V and Carol F) for making all the arrangements and to all those who were there.

On a sad note, we had two extra dinners on Saturday night due to the very recent death of classmate Joan Reiff who had already sent her money to Jerry. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons, we sent the dinners home with Norm (classmate) so that Norma (also a classmate), who was unable to be with us because of recent surgery, could at least participate in the tiniest way. Gee, too bad you weren't there to find out all the good (and bad) stuff. Some of the good stuff: one flew in from her home in Arizona and was almost delighted with the rain. Another from California. And yet two more came directly from Hawaii. You figure it out. Next time...

Looking forward to seeing you next summer.

submitted by Dal Lommen '57