What about the words to the fight song? It's posted in the gym at school, but we're not sure who came up with the words. We learned that Linda Rae Oglesby '58 and Lynne Harris '58 co-wrote the words to the Wilson High Fight Song. "Robert E. Keuscher, the principal, had a contest," states Lynne. "I think that we won $25 for the words. I remember that he changed one line that we wrote, but I can't remember which one." Susan Chaney '72 (Casey Moffett-Chaney) remembers the fight song. "In 1968, our freshman orientation taught us the fight song, and we must have sung it at least 10 times before the end of the orientation. Then we sang it hundreds of times at pep rallies, and every time a touchdown or basketball basket happened. It is definitely ingrained in my psyche forever." Maddi Evans '07 sent us the words to the Fight Song and adds, "I must say that that song will be engraved in me forever, I guess that's what I get for being a cheerleader and all!" Here is the version posted in the school's gym:

Best in the Land
The Mighty Woodrow Wilson High
Throughout the League,
Opponents Hear Our Battle Cry Fight, Fight, Fight

Victory For You,
Each Gallant Trojan Brave and True
For the Green and White, We'll Fight, Fight, Fight
Our Loyalty Forever, Wilson High!

What about the music?  Dallas Lommen '57 recalls that the music for the fight song was taken from one of the big colleges. Two grads, Dr. Karl Wustrack '62 and Kevin Flink '71, recall that the music for the Wilson fight song is the Stanford fight song.

Jim White '59 and John White '61 sent us the following amplification: Robert White, our Dad, was Wilson’s Band Director from the school’s opening in the fall of 1956 to 1962. Dad chose the New Colonial March (trio section) as the new school’s fight song. New Colonial was composed by R. B. Hall in 1895. It is indeed one of Stanford University’s fight songs, entitled “Come Join the Band”.  We think it was a great choice and hearing New Colonial today, still a popular march, brings back many memories of our years at Wilson and playing in the concert and pep bands.

Click here to listen to Wilson's fight song.