David Bates '57 has a clear memory of how the colors of green and white were chosen for Wilson. During the first semester of the year that Wilson opened in 1956, David's speech class taught by Mr. William Owen had the assignment of writing a speech for selecting the colors for the new school. "Each of us in the class wrote a speech for the colors that we selected. During a scheduled assembly, we gave our speeches in front of the entire school in the auditorium. My speech was the one for the green and white colors. I remember that I was nervous to be giving a speech in front of the entire student body. I also remember that I said, 'remember with the colors green and white, white will not fade'. Not sure why I said that, but it seemed to make a lasting point and the colors green and white were selected with a landslide."

Winona Emslie Knutsen '57, a member of the first graduating class and editor of the first yearbook, remembers the assembly when the speeches for the colors were made (she gave the speech for purple and white). She wasn’t a member of a speech class with an assignment, but was just asked to give a talk as were some others. "There were many decisions made that year: mascot, names for newspaper and yearbook, names for clubs and cheer groups. As everyone was new to the school, all had an interest in these decisions," adds Winona.

Jack Bertell '58 recalls that the accents of orange and black were added around the time that Jackson High School closed and was influenced by Mike Clopton, the then WWHS Athletic Director. Vicki Lehrer Baker '84 and Barbara Schmidt Bingham '83 were quick to point out that the Jackson Raiders were Red, Black and White, without a hint of orange. Another grad remembers when the orange appeared. "I was there when orange was added...it was 1987...my first year on the varsity baseball team...my older bro Cam '85 wore only green and white," adds Kevin Johnson '88.

Jim Eisenhauer, Class of 1984 appreciates hearing about the school colors and had a few thoughts on the addition of the color orange. "It was either 1983 or 1984 and Clopton was the coach of the baseball team," states Jim. "The uniforms are used year after year but every year they buy new hats. As I understand it, Clopton just liked the color and put orange in the hats. Perhaps in '87 they bought new baseball uniforms and put orange in them also... I was long gone by then so wouldn't know. I am sure the rest is history and orange got added everywhere." Jim thinks we need the real story from Clopton :-)