The Veridian is Wilson's Annual Literary & Visual Arts Magazine. The first issue of the Veridian was published during the 1965-66 school year and cost 50 cents.

The WWHS literary magazine, The Veridian, was named around 1965 when John Briggs '66 and Dave Johnson '66 were trying out various combinations of green, youth, spring, and truth. Veridian is a coinage that combines Latin words for green and truth in a title that recollects the movie/book called The Virginian.   Just what a lone western gunslinger has to do with the publication of students’ poems, short stories, and photographs is a mystery that continues to be worked out by generations of contributors. The first edition came out, I believe, in 1966. Historical accounts that claim the magazine was founded (to be refounded again and again after various lapses) much later are not correct.   John Briggs, WWHS and Senior Class President, ‘66

Mark Andrew Wilson '98 helped edit the Veridian his senior year and has "always felt that art and publications give students a productive outlet..." He feels that today "it's more important than ever for students and adults to feel like they have a connection and a voice in their communities."

Since its creation it has, and remains to be, a completely student-run publication printed once a year.   It is compiled with Wilson student submissions, which can be anything from poetry, short stories, photographs, drawings.

Let us know if you have stories to share about the Veridian.  Send the details to Linda Doyle.