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Alumni 50th Birthday Wishes

"I am very proud of our high school and am happy that it is still viable after 50 years. I was in the fourth graduating class and was their first Rose Festival Queen. They have had several since! How lucky I was to have experienced such an honor." Cherie Sanville '62 Wilsonville, OR

Hi to all of my classmates from '58 and those from '57. I still follow the teams and have had some chances to see some of you over the years. It hardly seems like it was 50 years ago when the first class graduated." Dick Barton '58 Beaverton, OR

50th Anniversary - “Great idea!” Harold Byers ’62 Cincinnati, OH

“Happy 50th!” Hugh Henderson ’91 Portland, OR

“Wilson was a beautiful experience.” Ronald Tolls ’58 Livingston, TX

“What a grand idea, hope everyone takes part in helping and reconnecting with friends, teachers and our high school roots, tell everyone, see ya there!” Barb Peters ’85 Portland, OR

“I think it is great to see this happening.” William Small ’64 Mt. Ephraim, NJ

“Look forward to seeing old friends!” Brett Hyland ’80 Portland, OR

“Have lots of memories, would like to write something about it. Also I still have my cheerleaders sweater hanging in my closet! Seems like yesterday as they say! I plan to attend the reunion and it will be a first for me for high school or college." Cheri Hiser (Sherri Jenkins) ’57

“Looking forward to all events.” Clayton Carter ’60 Portland, OR

“Terrific Advanced Placement teachers who guided acquisition of knowledge in ways superior to many of those at college. Life-long memorable sports experiences. Thank you coaches." Craig Keller ’81 Seattle, WA

“Proud to be a Wilson alumni!" Daniel Mummey ’66 Walport, OR

“I remember selecting the school colors, school mascot, contests for designing the emblems and having only 100 seniors in 1956.” Dennis Daly ’60 Newberg, OR

50th Anniversary Committee: Sounds fun! Keep me posted on upcoming dates and activities." Dianne Kozowski (May) ’69 Enterprise, OR

“I really liked going to Wilson. The college prep courses were really good and I loved choir and drama.” Elizabeth Bagwell ’86 Albuquerque, NM

“Interesting to see one of the photos I took for the Troyan on the website's photo page.” Fred Ridder ’68 Hillsborough NJ

“Go Trojans Go!” Gil Tolan ’60 Fredericksburg, TX

“Will look forward to hearing of all the Events happening for the 50th Anniversary of Wilson-Great Great School.” Harry Harper ’65 Vancouver, WA

50th - “Great!” James Doig Anderson ’59 Saint Petersburg, FL

“How time flys!” Jean Tankersley (Gagan) ’58 Wilsonville, OR

“Go Wilson!” JoAnne Bunnage ’76 Bloomington, IN

“Go Trojans!” John Carhart ’86 New York, NY

“Looking forward to seeing people I know! Come to the reunion, guys! I want to see you!” Kay Ellison (Starkey) ’72 Vancouver, WA

To 50th Anniversary Committee: “Thanks for your efforts to set this up.” Kendall Auel ’77 Tualatin, OR

“Happy 50th Wilson!” Kelly Grant Hedtke ’88 New York, NY

“Thanks for organizing this memorable celebration!” Laurie Fosmark ’71 Cornelius, OR

“Let me know what’s up, WHS rocks!” Mark Cutsforth ’72 Las Vegas, NV

“Looking forward to this!” Penelope (Penny) Williamson (Salley) ’58 Pinehurst, NC

“Especially interested in seeing more photos of Wilson being constructed and of the surrounding area.” Russell Meyer ’93 Portland, OR

“This is the first event I have been able to participate in since my 20th class reunion. I am excited!!!!” Sharon Mumper (Thiessen) ’60 Tacoma, WA

“Go Trojans!” Stephanie Burnham ‘2000 San Franciso, CA

“Sounds like a lot of fun.” Steve Friedman ’80 Beaverton, OR

“Wilson’s #1” Steven Miesen ’76 West Linn, OR

“This sounds like a wonderful idea. I look forward to coming!” Sue Freeman ’80 Albuquerque, NM

“Can not wait to see everyone.” Susan Humphrey (Jones) ’79 Portland, OR

“Sounds like a fun event.” Toby Harris ’89 Portland, OR

“As a current Wilson student, I have the best seat in the house to be able to watch and participate in the marvels Wilson has in store as it turns 50 this year.” Maggie Zimmer ’07 Portland, OR

Wow! We can’t believe that it has been 50 years since we attended Wilson High. The administrators, teachers and coaches were the best and paved the foundation for many of us who attended college and for those students that choose other fields of employment. Susan and I are looking forward to seeing you at the Football game on Oct. 20 and the Dance on the 21st. Susan and I have been watching “Dancing with the Stars” and we are going to show you a few moves on the floor. George Held ‘58 & Susan Freed-Held ‘60 Colton, OR

Congratulations, WHS! You look at least 25. Julie Venables Fendrich '88

"Wilson brings back wonderful memories of growing up. The laughter, tears and celebrations remain vivid as well as being proud to be a Trojan and Trojane! Ensemble and choir with Merle Lotz, dance team, Rose festival and friendships played a major part in my life." Sally Rudnick '70 Gresham, OR

"Hail to thee, O Wilson High." Don Jensen '68 Tualatin, OR

"Wilson was great. Friends from grade school, rally, Trojanes, and visions of our future. GO TROJANS!!! HAPPY 50TH!" Lori Green '70 Merced, CA

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