IDA B. WELLS HIGH SCHOOL (formerly known as WOODROW WILSON) Alumni


We are proud to honor our alumni who have served and those who continue to serve in the Armed Forces.

Keep checking back for more Military Graduates as we add more names.

Cory Martinez 2014 Marine Corps

Todd Johnson 2011, Active Navy
Vorshaunn Avritt 2011 Active Navy

Nick Broms     2008     Marine Corps

Caleb Turner     2007     Marine Corps
Dima Ruth 2007 Army

Bryan Sherwood     2006     Active Marine Corps
Paul Allen Johnson     2006     Active Marine Corps

Garet Clemenson 2003 Marine Corps
Collin Chinn 2003 Army

Andy J. Dolberg     2002     Marine Corps

Elisha P. Koehmstedt     2001     Active Army

Naithan Weeks 1999 Navy

Kim Lorz 1997 Army

Mark Church 1993 Army
Christopher Jeffrey 1993 Army

Bryan Lawson     1992     Army

Jeffrey Fielder 1991 Army
Dawood Luqman 1991 Army

Erik Ingebretsen 1989 Marines

Amy Katherine Heil 1988 Air Force

Michelle Rodrigues Baber    1987    Army

Roger Penn     1986     Army

David Gilkey 1985 Afghanistan War Photojournlist (deceased)

Darrielle Simms 1984 Navy
Kevin Karlbom     1984     Air Force
James Eisenhauer 1984 Army
Darren Nicholson 1984 Navy

Robert Acker 1983 Air Force Reserves (deceased)

Jim Chesnutt     1981     Air Force
Jean K. Weber     1981     Air Force Reserves
David L. Schneider 1981 Army (deceased)

Scott Holman     1980     Marine Corps
David Bajot 1980 Marine Corps

Walt Emry     1979     Army

Bob Qutub     1979     Marine Corps

Dorte V. (Barrett) Callahan 1978 Navy

Erik Jensen     1977     Navy
Robert (Rob) Harding     1977     Navy
Scott Maslen     1977     Navy

Kelly Sills     1975     Army and Air Force

Douglas H. Stutz     1974     Navy
Mike Burnam     1974     Marine Corps
Charles "Chuck" Fox     1974     Marine Corps
James Ragdale (AKA Angelo Honjas) 1974 Marine Corps Concert Band

Ric Reed 1973 Army (moved before senior year)
Mary P. Weber     1973     Navy

Keith C. Hatfield 1972 Air Force

William Krause     1971     Marine Corps and Navy
William R. Grano II    1971    Marine Corps

David Buffam     1970     Army
Harry Brown     1970     Air Force
William K Gallagher 1970 Air Force

Geary Woods     1969     Air Force
Scott Alden Boyd     1969     Air Force (deceased)
Dennis Lynn Mackay 1969     Navy (deceased)

Lawrence Delay     1968    Navy
Howard Rahn     1968     Navy (deceased)

Edward McCabe 1967 Army
Wayne Krietz     1967     Air Force
George "Mike" Browning     1967     National Guard
Lawrence (Larry) Carroll 1967     Army (deceased)
Michael Amey 1967 Army (deceased)
George Michael Browning 1967 National Guard (deceased)
David L. Harold 1967 Air Force
Edward Messinger 1967 Marine Corps
Kent Fredrickson 1967 Air Force

Peter John Deckers 1966 Marine Corps
Bernd R. Kuehn     1966     Navy
Gerry Thompson 1966 Air Force
Craig Hollyfield 1966 Navy
Peter Reynolds 1966 Air Force (deceased)
Gary Norman Young 1966 Navy (killed in the line of duty Vietnam)
Kent Frutiger 1966 Army (deceased)
Janet Clark 1966 Army (deceased)
Michael Anthony Munsen 1966 Navy (deceased)
Peter M. Shepherd 1966 Marine Corps (killed in the line of duty Vietman)
Randall Craig Jeremish 1966 Marine Corps (killed in the line of duty Vietman)

William "Bill" Brown 1965 Air Force (deceased)
Ron Maruska     1965     Army
Harry Harper 1965 Air Force
Harris Johnston     1965     Coast Guard
Alan Shields 1965 Air Force (deceased)
Gregory Osibov 1965 Air Force
Michael Fleming 1965 Army
Brad Beach 1965 Air Force

David Smith 1965 Army
Officer William "Bill" Brown 1965 Air Force (deceased)
Gregory Osibov 1965 Air Force (deceased)
John Zuber 1965 Army (deceased)
James.Torgerson 1965 Army

Jack Malcolm Duncan Jr. 1964 Army (deceased)
Parr M. Farris 1964 Army
Mike Story     1964    Army
Jo Ann (Maruska) Ausmus     1964     Army
Eric A. Brannfors     1964     Army (killed in the line of duty Vietnam) 
Keith Axelsen 1964 Army
Gary Norbraten 1964 Army
Brad Jonasson 1964 Navy
Beverley Phillipson 1964 Air Force
John Nelson 1964 Army
Douglas (Sandy) Cohn 1964 Army
Linda Fisher 1964 Air Force
Thomas Hageman 1964, Marine Corps
Jack Vilandre 1964 Army
James Vilandre 1964 Army
Jame Sievertson 1964 Army
Rodger Beals Wright 1964 Army Reserve
Harry Chase 1964 Air Force
John Mikulic 1964 Navy (deceased)

Blayne "Buz" Christian     1963     Army

John Erwin 1963 Naval Security Group, SPINTCOMM, Hawaii 
Heidi Tanada (Mitchell)     1963     Marine Corps
Valerie (Bunnell) Wilson     1963    Army Reserve, Marine Corps
John Paul Giannini, Jr. Army 1963 (deceased)
Carl Hellis 1963 Air Force
Jerry Lindberg 1963 Marine Corps
Phil Dean 1963 Vietnam (deceased 2019)

Mike Pettingell     1962     Air Force
Tom Barton     1962     Navy
Ernie Maruska     1962     Army
Robert A. Bushnell III (Bob)     1962     Army
Gary (Boone) Washburn     1962     Navy
Lynn Arnett    1962     Navy
Chuck Cole 1962 Air Force
Timothy Bracy 1962 Navy (deceased)
Dave Loye 1962 Navy
Michael Hageman 1962 Marine Corps
Richard Small 1962 Coast Guard
Dave Lillig 1962 Marine Corps

Dr. Larry Richard Van Gordon 1961 Air Force
Ben E. Johnson     1961     Naval Reserve
David W. Fahner     1961     Air Force
Tom Jewett     1961     Army Reserve
William (Bill) Graham     1961     Coast Guard
Tom Adams     1961     Navy
Gary Severson     1961     Air Force
Russ Thompson 1961 Air Force
Bob Thompson 1961 Army
George Harlan Grout 1961 Army

Jay Erwin 1961 Marine Corps
John D. Langdon 1960 Coast Guard Reserve
Tom Johnston     1960     Navy
William W. Eckersley     1960     Navy
Gil Drake Tolan, MD     1960     Air Force (deceased)
Lawrence L. Kingsbury     1960     Navy and Army National Guard
Rodrick Roy Boston 1960 Navy (deceased)
Michael P. Primiano 1960 Army (deceased)
Al Lommen 1960 Army Reserve (deceased)
Patrick Clyde Davis 1960 Navy (deceased)
Michael R. Layman 1960 Marine Corps
Jerald "Jerry" Powell 1960 Army
Rodney "Rod" Roth 1960
Rodger George Bekooy 1960 Navy (deceased)
Marshall Beals Wright 1960 Air Force (deceased)

Lt. Col. Michael W. Folkestad 1959
David McFarland    1959    Air Force
Lyman Rigby    1959    Air Force
Robert Handy 1959 Navy
James (Jim) White 1959 Army

Ronald M. Tolls     1958         Army
Malcolm R. Gaither     1958     Navy
Captain David R. Riley    1958   Navy (deceased)
Thomas Colby Christian 1958 Navy (deceased)
Roger Richard Paul 1958 Army Reserve (deceased)
Jack Raudy 1958 Army (deceased)
Frank (Tom) Thomas 1958 Air Force
Jon Hanlein 1958 Navy
Stanton Beals Wright 1958 US Army (deceased)
Darryl Fowler 1958 US Army (deceased)

Kingsley (King) Parker 1957 Navy
Carl Enlow Young 1957 Air Force (deceased)

Francis Murray (Wilson teacher 1965-1987) Army (deceased)
George Perry (Wilson teacher 1956-1979) WWII Army Pilot (deceased)
Robert E. Brown (Wilson teacher) WWII Army (deceased)
Jack Dalby (Wilson Band/Orchestra Director 1962-1974) WWII Air Force (deceased)
Verle Smith (Wilson math teacher) Vietnam Marine Corps (deceased)
Stanley Ancil Stanton (Wilson teacher, coach, Vice Principal) Korea Marine Corps (deceased)
Allan W. Gray (Wilson teacher, coach) WWII Army (deceased)
Caldon R. Norman (Collins View Principal) WWII Army, POW (deceased)
Harold Ray Ellmers (Wilson teacher, coach) WWII Navy (deceased)